Classroom Culture is a magical mix with no recipe and yet it is the special sauce for optimal student learning. Continue to develop your mastery as you inspire a friendlier school culture by encouraging what works while building intellectual character. Revisit 8 Familiar Forces: Expectations, Language, Time, Modeling, Opportunities, Routines, Interactions and Environment. By asking these forces for guidance and assistance, you will be more effective in your everyday rhythms and relationships and you will find yourself curating that culture of thinking everyone values and that values everyone.


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Text, Ritchhart, Ron. Creating Cultures of Thinking. 2015. Is approximately $16 from


I found Mrs. Bora's class to be quite interesting. It made me think alot about my delivery of information to students. Her class also presented a variety of ideas to try out in the classroom. On a personal note, Mrs. Bora was very receptive to my needs. Upon completion of my work I indicated my need to get my grade back as soon as posible. Mrs. Bora went out of her way to get my grading done immediately. She even gave me insight into some of my questions and things to try differently within the classroom. I was very happy using this online edition and highly recommend Mrs. Bora and this class.

Eric G.
8th Grade Teacher

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Course No. ED470b, ED570b

Tuition $120 ‑ $210

Quarter Credits 3

Are you planning to attend at least one Academic Camp or Professional Development Workshop this year? This course is for you. It's open to teachers Nation Wide attending ANY Academic Camp or Professional Development Workshops related to your professional assignment. You can attend these sessions and earn three (3) Continuing Education Quarter Credits or 30 Washington Clock Hours or Oregon PDUs.  Attending more than one event during the year?   Then contact the instructor.

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