iPAD REVOLUTION: 21st Century Technology In The Classroom

Course No. CM401o, CM501o

          The 21st century is witnessing a revolution within education. Educators are rapidly discovering the power of integrating iPad learning into their classroom curriculum. With the use of many interactive curriculum apps students are becoming engaged, interested, motivated and eager to learn. Classroom test scores are improving and teachers find their classrooms become an enhanced technology-based center for learning. Walk into the 21st century and discover the pedagogical shift from the past Industrial Revolution teaching practices to today’s Technology Revolution. 
          The iPad ranks as one the most significant educational computer applications ever created; it has the potential to be a highly impactful teaching and learning tool for all subject areas, and will heighten your student's level of achievement and technology awareness. This powerful educational resource has successfully been used in homeschool settings, birth-five preschool programs, special education, primary, middle, secondary and University programs.
          Explore the plethora of apps that may best fit your educational setting and meet your classroom needs. Apps can be utilized to enhance disciplines such for concept development, special needs, speech and language, geography, history, social studies, business, finance, math, health fitness, science, language arts, music, drama, visual arts and more. There are apps for everything. The possibilities are endless.
          By accessing the online resource list and downloading the Kindle and Amazon books educators will explore how the iPad can fit into their subject area, discipline, or meet your specific needs. Selected apps, most are free, can be downloaded directly onto your iPad and within seconds instantly become a reality.
         Participants in this course will learn how to explore the countless ways the iPad can be utilized In the classroom, how to access online iPad apps, explore suggested apps, download books, apply Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to curriculum development, visit virtual support sites, review articles from successful programs and develop iPad classroom curriculum to fit their specific needs.

Online Course Access:
This is an ONLINE course. During the registration checkout process you will be asked to provide a password to be used for security access to the online course system. Once your registration is completed, you will receive an online confirmation and an email message, explaining how to log into the online course system. Please keep a record of this important access information. You may wish to bookmark or save the web address as a 'favorite' in your internet access environment.

Required Text:  In association with Amazon, you may purchase this text by using the link provided.  Click on the book picture below.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Learned to download iPad apps (application) onto the iPad from various web sites.
  2. Accessed educational web sites for the latest apps available.
  3. Developed a strong working knowledge of the navigation techniques and tools for the iPad.
  4. Thoroughly perused the iPad tutorial from the Apple Store to build a solid foundation for this course.
  5. Explored a number of websites articles, blogs and sites offering examples of iPads in the classroom.
  6. Become knowledgeable about and have practice with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy for a variety of academic disciplines, grades and ability levels for curriculum development.
  7. Developed curriculum for the iPad classroom.
  8. Discussed the integration of iPad apps and tools for classroom use.

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