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GOING THE DISTANCE: K-8 Online Math Instruction

Course No. ED471t, ED571t

Dive into digital tools like FlipGrid, Edpuzzle, Padlet and Google Slides to create tasks in elementary and middle school math to engage and develop mathematical thinkers. Explore tools for using virtual manipulatives and create a flipped classroom for teaching math remotely.  Create project-based and problem-based activities that infuse digital tools and include real-world problems to develop mathematics conceptual understanding in numbers and operations, measurement and data, algebraic thinking, geometry, and fractions.  Learn how to foster math discourse and establish daily math routines to support all learners and create an interactive math experience in online instruction. Course will use book The Virtual Classroom: Creating Distance Learning Experiences in Math for K-6 Learners by Dr. Patricia Dickenson.  Available on Amazon for $8.99

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Created collaborative structures to promote problem-solving and math efficacy.
  2. Designed online instruction to support all learners with challenge and remediation.
  3. Designed digital projects to support meaningful math connections.
  4. Applied virtual manipulatives to support concept development and mathematics skills.
  5. Explored math connections at home through real-life projects and tasks.
  6. Assessed student learning with technology tools. 

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