Classroom Management

This course provides an intriguing and unique look at the subject of differentiation.  Part I of our text includes three completely fresh techniques for helping students understand why they will not all be doing the same things at the same time.  You’ll get information for dealing with the realities of leading students, parents and colleagues onto a path of support for differentiated instruction.
Part II has practical information on routines that will make things run smoothly such as how to start and end the class, giving directions, and managing noise and time.  It addresses some of the substantive issues, like providing for the highly capable as well as struggling students, handling assessment options and finally, addressing some for the biggest sticking points about differentiation.  This course will have more examples to offer elementary teachers, but the sticking points will be more useful for secondary teachers.
You will want to find a film about teaching which shows either examples or non-examples of differentiated instruction if you choose Option 10B for the 500 level credit


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