In six chapters, all very interesting and readable, the author has laid out the most important issues (and some misconceptions) about the way best to work with a second language population.  She includes information about “Best Practices” and “What Educators Need to Know About Language.”  She includes the impact of national, state, and local requirements, and how to make the most of the realities a teacher will face.  Included are some practical teaching strategies, and where else to turn for more in-depth information.

This would be a good preface or follow-up to the 2-credit course Getting Started with English Language Learners, or an overview for the person who wants a brief introduction to what is going on in the real world of second language learners.

Course Text: Meeting the Needs of Second Language Learners: An Educator’s Guide by Judith Lessow-Hurley.  This 92 page 6” x9” book, ISBN 0-87120-759-1, is available for approximately $16.95 at Amazon.


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More than ever before, teachers need to understand how- and what- to assess when seeking to understand the learning of students in the classroom. As our schools and classrooms become more linguistically diverse, teachers will benefit from knowing what assessment methods will be the most accurate, effective, and useful tools for driving instruction and making placement decisions for ELL students. The text, Assessment and ESL, is a comprehensive guide to assessment of English language learners. This course will offer tools and suggestions for authentic assessment that will help both students and teachers to identify key areas of focus for instruction.
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