SO EACH MAY LEARN: Integrating Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences


You will have a wonderful time exploring the ideas in this book.  The authors keep one eye on your own search for self-knowledge by providing personal assessment profiles in Appendices A and B, and then go on to show you why and how it would be possible to provide the same kind of awareness of personal preferences and strengths for your students.
The authors are committed to three goals:  effectiveness, practicality and fairness for you and your students.  As they say in their conclusion, “One of the best places to start when deciding how and where to use the ideas from this book is at the ‘Are-we-having-fun-yet?’ rule,” because brain research suggests that learning, experimenting, and making connections are highly pleasurable activities.  And much of staff development seems to need a little less rigor and a little more vitality. And if you are wondering how to put differentiated instruction more easily into your diverse classroom, this book is one of the most enjoyable, sensible, and fascinating books to launch or enhance your efforts.



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