Challenging Students,  Classroom Management,  Counseling & Special Ed


Course No. ED409R, ED509R

In todayʼs educational world, it is not uncommon for one to have the need for counseling strategies as well as teaching strategies. In this day of abuse, suicide, gangs, violence, drugs to name a few, educators are being asked to be not only academically proficient, but to be quasi-counselors. This course will provide educators with basic skills and guidelines for a wide variety of student situations where counseling skills would be valuable. Specifics will include conflict resolution, classroom discussions, individual discussions, and student centered groups.
The focus will not be to have each person become a counselor, but instead to be able to effectively ask questions, direct discussions toward resolution and to know when to refer a person on to others. This course will be helpful to all teachers, counselors, support service personnel, specialists and administrators. Increasing student communication will be addressed and specific models will be presented. At the conclusion of this course, each person will feel more equipped to handle daily situations and specific problems. Whether a student is in need of relationship guidance, frustrations at home, problems on the playground or general social skills, each person will have an increase in confidence and skills to aid students.
We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
     1. Identified factors contributing to student withdrawal.
     2. Developed strategies to address classroom disruption and problems.
     3. Intervened effectively with questions and re-focus discussions.
     4. Listed intervention strategies for different areas of dysfunction as they apply to students.
     5. Organized and run a classroom meeting.
     6. Assessed appropriate interventions and integrate them into daily routines in schools.
     7. Addressed preventative methods within the school system for students.

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