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How do we set boundaries and guidelines without it turning into a power struggle? Is the way we set up rules at the beginning of a year that important? Is there a way to help children understand parameters without getting them frustrated? Finding the balance between rules, guidelines, boundaries, and suggestions can be a difficult one for an educator. We need to be consistent in our approaches, yet flexible in working with each student. This class will challenge each person to evaluate their own personal guidelines and rules for their educational setting. We will investigate various strategies to teach children how to follow rules without them becoming oppositional and defiant. In addition, each educator will be asked to explore ways to modify and negotiate new ways of presenting their educational behavioral plans for students. At the end of this course, each person will have a clearer understanding of their own value system, how it impacts their approach to students, and a more defined process of developing specific classroom/school rules.
This is a course designed for all educators working within the school setting, Preschool through High School.


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Mike Sedler was a fantastic instructor. His feedback was timely and genuine. Readings were solid and good. I appreciated the variety of articles, handouts, and flexibility with course texts, so I could choose one that I felt would meet my needs best, at the level I teach. I would definitely take another of his courses again!

~Kirsten Morgan

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