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This course is designed to enable K-12th grade educators to examine different components of the Health Curriculum for implementation in the classroom.  This course will address the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of health. The curriculum addresses and integrates education about a

range of categorical health problems and issues at developmentally appropriate ages including Nutrition, First Aid, Bullying, Emotional Health, Sex Education and Goal Setting for a healthy life. It also enables teachers to develop and demonstrate increasingly sophisticated health-related knowledge and skills.

This course will give teachers the opportunity to examine concepts to help motivate and assist students in the quest to maintain and improve their health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors. It includes active learning strategies to help students develop the knowledge and skills they need to avoid health risk behaviors. This course will also present reading materials and web sites with lesson plan ideas that are consonant with this material and its use with K-12th grade students.

This course will also provide video ideas for teachers preparing for major themes of

the Health Curriculum; many of these films are available at local libraries, from NetFlix, in video stores and/or for free trial and purchase from documentary film sources like The Video Project. You will choose eight (8) videos to examine for implementation in your classroom. If you choose NetFlix, a three-month subscription is about $30. (NetFlix also has an online video capability for those with a compatible operating system.) You will need to have access to both a DVD player and a VHS video player to enjoy the full range of media choices.

There is no additional charge for required text or materials. All reading is available online for free.


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Course No. ED456d, ED556d

Tuition $360 – $475

Quarter Credits 6

We’ve all heard the comment: "If you are fat, it's because you eat too much and you don't exercise enough" and yet for over 50 years low calorie diets and more exercise have not managed to curb obesity levels. Why? In this course for K-12 educators you finally will uncover the secret everyone wants to know, the real cause of weight gain. Focus on integrating nutrition education, one of the most important tasks for teachers, into your curriculum. By selecting a wide variety of low glycemic index foods, students, everyone, can avoid and prevent excessive weight gain.

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