Counseling & Special Ed

“HELP ME BEHAVE”: Going Beyond Traditional School Discipline Plans

Course No. ED450H, ED550H

Traditional discipline plans usually frustrate chronically disruptive students and can be overkill for well-adjusted kids. Dr. Ross Greene’s “Plan B” is a better approach for dealing with disruptive behavior. It assumes that even disruptive students want to succeed in school, but that they have obstacles in their lives that prevent them from being successful. “Plan B” encourages educators to discover why a student is struggling with challenging behaviors and provides effective tools so to help the student address and overcome the obstacles and become a successful, empowered student.   

This independent study course is appropriate for Pre-K through grade 12 teachers, administrators, support staff and parents. 

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. The conceptual framework for understanding the factors that “set the stage” for challenging behavior in students that is based on Dr. Ross Greene’s work.
  2. Identified the nine typical ways that educators and parents explain student behavior that usually do not make the problems any better and can actually make them worse.
  3. Knowledge of the “unsolved problems” and “lagging skills” that potentially underlie the challenging behaviors of students.
  4. Specific proactive strategies that teachers and parents can use to solve the problems and teach the skills to their challenging students.
  5. Specific proactive strategies that teachers and parents can use to approach students who are in the middle of challenging behaviors.
  6. Learned how to effectively collaborate with colleagues and administrators to confront and change the “status quo” and truly address the needs of these challenging students.

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