This course will focus on helping children move from complacency to compassion in their interactions with other people. Too often, children are self-focused and miss opportunities to support, encourage, and help those around them. There are also those children who seem to lack an emotional connection to the outside world. We often say they are “unattached” or “lack sensitivity.”  Through a combined presentation of literature, research, hands on activities, discussion topics, and personal interactions, this course will increase the ability of educators to impact children in the emotional recognition of social responsibility.
We will emphasize acts of kindness, reading social situations, increasing sensitivity to others, and  phrases and actions that lead toward support toward others and compassion. This exciting class will change the dynamics within a classroom, a school, and a home. It will be enjoyable, energizing, and filled with strategies and interventions for a school. Regardless of the age group one works with, this class will benefit the educator.  It is geared toward a broad audience, encompassing K-12 students.


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Course No. ED461w, ED561w

Tuition $120 – $210

Quarter Credits 3

This course is open to teachers Nation Wide who will be attending ANY Academic Camp or Professional Development Workshop of their choosing at anytime throughout the year. Some examples of these types of camps and/or workshops are Math Camp, Science Camp, Language Arts Camp, PLC Workshop, Instructional Workshop, TAH Workshop, Gilder- Lehrman Workshop, NEH Workshop, etc.
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