Challenging Students,  Classroom Management


Course No. ED404d, ED504d

School systems have been very visible in their attempts to work with high risk children, areas of specific concern surround aggression and out of control behaviors.  This class will investigate social, emotional and environmental factors that impact students.  Specific, and proven, strategies for de-escalation and teaching students alternative behaviors will be presented.  As an educator, we do not need to be intimidated by the words "At Risk", "High Risk" or "Out of Control".  During the study of this course, each person will learn effective strategies that will immediately transfer into the school system.  Upon the conclusion of this course, each person will have a clearer direction in intervening with difficult students and feel more confident in approaching these students.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
     1. Listed factors that increase the probability of acting out behaviors.
     2. Explained and understand the verbal continuum patterns in escalating behaviors.
     3. Differentiated between verbal and nonverbal cues as well as identifying intervention strategies.
     4. Analyzed a case study and effectively described escalating behaviors and precursors to the behavior.
     5. Written an effective behavior programs for students
     6. Have an increased understanding and repertoire in communicating with aggressive students.

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