Suzanne Warner


Suzanne Warner, M.S., received her Masters Degree in Education from the University of Rochester, New York.  She has taught mathematics in the middle school, high school, and college settings, most recently in Oregon. Suzanne has been lauded by administrators, colleagues, students and parents regarding her teaching and classroom management skills. Her students enjoy learning in a respectful, productive environment, where each student is in control of her/his own learning and behaviors. She strongly believes that all students want to do well, and creates a teaching environment for them to succeed. 

When not in the classroom, Suzanne enjoys spending time with her family reading, hiking, backpacking and traveling.

Offered Courses


Course No. ED463u, ED563u

Tuition $180

Quarter Credits 3

THE WELL-BALANCED TEACHER: Stay Sane In & Out of the Classroom

Course No. ED463t, ED563t

Tuition $180

Quarter Credits 3


Course No. MA400o, MA500o

Tuition $300 – $395

Quarter Credits 5

Create a mathematics classroom atmosphere where students no longer fear math, no longer have anxiety about math, and no longer think they are simply just not good at math.  Jo Boaler is a Stanford University professor with research-based and field-tested strategies whose book Mathematical MIndsets will help you create a math classroom where students experience mathematics though a positive growth mindset method. Videos and additional website readings will complement the Mathematical Mindsets book. Teachers will learn to create mathematical tasks, assessments, and feedback that encourage student growth, understanding, and joy as their students master mathematical ideas and concepts.

WHEN TEACHING GETS TOUGH: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Game

Course No. ED461A, ED561A

Tuition $180 – $265

Quarter Credits 3

As a teacher do you ever feel overwhelmed? Burned-out? Do you feel as if you can’t get through to some students? That you lack administrative support? That you cannot connect with some parents? That you can’t get away from negativity when you go to the lunchroom or pass certain teachers in the hallway? That you lack important resources for yourself or your students? Perhaps you just can’t break out of your own rut.

When Teaching Gets Tough offers practical strategies teachers can use to make things better right away. The text offers specific and distinct examples and strategies for addressing a plethora of difficult situations, as well providing as reflective opportunities and specific sections designed for administrators. The supplemental readings offer even more ideas and opportunities for exploring solutions. Once the course is completed, teachers will feel back on top of their game, re-energized, and know that they are making a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their students.

TEACHING NUMERACY: Habits To Ignite Math Thinking

Course No. ED458n, ED558n

Tuition $180 – $265

Quarter Credits 3

Many students lack basic numeracy – the ability to think through math problems logically, solve problems, and apply math outside the classroom. This independent study course outlines nine critical thinking habits that foster numeracy and details practical ways to incorporate these habits into your instruction. The text, Teaching Numeracy: 9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking, refers to Common Core Standards, NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Standards, and numerous successful mathematical literacy practices. Included in each section is a “How Can I Do This in My Math Class…Tomorrow?” application section with multiple ideas and methods to incorporate numeracy into your classroom. No more will students arrive at wildly wrong answers and have no idea how or why!

HANDS-ON MATH: Real World Applications

Course No. ED458o, ED558o

Tuition $180 – $265

Quarter Credits 3

“When are we ever gonna use this?” is a question often asked by math students. This happens because skills are so frequently taught in isolation from their application. By participating in hands-on math activities, our students learn the connection between what is taught in the classroom and the real world. This course offers something for all teachers K-12; whether they are specialized math teachers at the high school level or elementary teachers who do it all, Hands-On Math will help students answer their own question…………..“When are we ever gonna use this?”

LOVE & LOGIC FOR PARENTS & TEACHERS: Raising Responsible Kids

Course No. ED448J, ED548J

Tuition $180 – $265

Quarter Credits 3

Create effective partnerships with parents around the Love & Logic philosophy and strategies. This course for all teachers, K-12, promotes a common vision for expectations and accountability both at home and in school. This course will help you, the teacher, and the parent create confident, self-motivated, and responsible children and students.

SETTING LIMITS: A Love & Logic Approach To Classroom Management

Course No. ED444o, ED544o

Tuition $360 – $475

Quarter Credits 6

This independent study course focuses on putting the teacher in control of the classroom. The list of obstacles facing today’s teachers is enormous and this class will teach you alternatives to the typical methods that leave teachers feeling worn down and unsuccessful. 


Course No. ED442W, ED542W

Tuition $180 – $265

Quarter Credits 3

This independent study course focuses on practical solutions for the day-to-day frustrations and challenges common in today’s classroom.

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