Language Arts

EDITING MADE EASY: Strategies For All Writers

Course No. ED443T, Ed543T

Do students groan when you say it is time to edit and revise? Are you intimidated by grammar and writing conventions, perhaps never having been explicitly taught them in a way that made sense?  Is there never enough time for editing in your writers' workshop?  Does it seem that your editing lessons are not really connected to what students are writing? Do some students still struggle to write complete sentences, while others have mastered that but struggle with other conventions? How do you take all students to the next level?  
This class teaches you to focus and build on what your students are doing right. Instead of targeting student errors, learn how to build on their writing strengths. Use literature and well-written sentences to show students how their sentences can be crafted. Find ways to make editing a daily part of your writing time. It IS possible to have fun while teaching editing, grammar and conventions to all of your students! Each chapter provides you with ideas you can use immediately. Appropriate for teachers of grades 3-12.


We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

1. Learned what is effective in teaching students grammar and editing.
2. Learned how to increase students' confidence in editing and enjoy this process.
3. Understood how to use mentor texts and model sentences to model good writing techniques.
4. Used the editing process to inspire positive changes in student writing.
5. Empowered students to be active participants in the writing process.

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