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HOOKED ON SUCCESS: Helping Students Discover Passion & Purpose In Life

Course No. HE403a, HE503a

Without passion and sense of purpose, too many youth drift in life and school, falling short of their potential and becoming susceptible to drugs and alcohol, as well as academic underperformance. Educators in this course will learn how to use a proven program that engages students in grades 4-12 with what’s important for them, and helps prevent adolescent drug and alcohol abuse. Teachers show students a variety of short videos highlighting successful celebrities and cultural influencers from many different fields. These adults share their stories and speak powerfully about how they found direction in life—how they found a Natural High, which is the name of the program. Videos are supported by curriculum that guides discussion, provides students with opportunities for reflection,  and concludes with a variety of activities that take students deeper into the subject.

All materials are found online at no additional cost. Outcomes from the Natural High program are aligned with Common Core and the National Health Educator Standards. While the Natural High program continues to be rated highly as a drug prevention program, its premise of finding and leading a meaningful life applies to all youth. Natural High has helped millions of students since its inception twenty-five years ago. Course is appropriate for educators of students in grades 4-12, counselors, psychologists, and intervention specialists.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. An understanding of the foundation & history of Natural High and its founder Mr. Jon Sundt.
  2. An understanding of the importance of helping students find a Natural High at a young age.
  3. An understanding of Natural High’s 6 principles and the research behind them.
  4. An understanding of how to use Natural Highs curriculum via the three step teaching process.
  5. An understanding of the science and research that supports the Natural High curriculum.
  6. Learned how to customize their own lesson plans from an established selection of storytelling videos and Common Core curriculum and activities that align with the subject(s) that they teach!
  7. An understanding of the relationship between Natural High’s curriculum and the CDC’s National Health Education Standards.
  8. An understanding of the relationship between Natural High’s curriculum and the CDC’s Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum.

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