Looking to have both you and your students create lessons that are even more exciting, effective and interesting than what you doing right now?  Interested in matching those types of lessons with your current curriculum?  Ready to take your class to the next level? If you answered yes, then this course is for you.

With a simple video camera, computer and one of the many free media production tools available, anybody can become a video producer.  Now we can go beyond just the text and enter the visual.

All assignments are available online and designed to help you become a sophisticated producer one step at a time.  Assignments come complete with samples and suggested software.  There is even a wiki where students will exchange lessons now and into the future.

Simply put, this course will enable you and your students to go from fantabulous consumers of media to fantabulous producers of media.   Check it out online here:



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The cost of your text book is based on your selection from Amazon: • Filmmaking For Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts $12 + shipping • Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind $2.70+ shipping • Digital Story Telling Guide for Educators $15.50+ shipping


This is the second course I took form Michael Boll. He is professional and friendly. His instruction is clear and his comments are very helpful. I have taken courses from Heritage over the years and have always had positive experiences. Thank you, Dan


This is my second class with Michael Boll. He does a great job and I was happy to see another course available from him. I was also glad for the ability to collaborate with another colleague for this video production course. It was an intensive course and doing it with a peer made the work load more fun and fit with the theme of the class. Videos are meant to be collaborative and we'll expect our students to be able to create together because of limited time, space, and technology. I really enjoyed this class and the things I learned and created from it.

~Kelly Ioane

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Course No. CM403a, CM503a

Tuition $300

Quarter Credits 5

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