BOYS IN TROUBLE: Turnaround Strategies For Educators

Counseling & Special Ed

More and more boys are struggling. They are academically disengaged. They are facing social challenges alone. And they are struggling to imagine what their place will be in the wider world once they leave high school (if they even make it that far in school). It is estimated that only 35% of new college enrollees will be boys.  Rosalind Wiseman, best selling author, wrote Masterminds and Wingmen, about boys, believes educators are in a prime position to reverse some of these trends.

In this course we will look at the troubling symptoms many of our boys are showing, and then we will pull back the curtain on their inner lives.  We will look at the cultural expectations they are facing  (both from adults, and each other), and we will look at how they think and feel about their lives.  As we cultivate a new understanding of boys and their “Boy World,” new strategies for helping our boys feel more connected, more hopeful, and more interested in their academic futures will become apparent as well. This independent study course is appropriate for Pre-K through grade 12 teachers, administrators, support staff and parents. 


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Text, Masterminds and Wingmen, is approximately $10 from Amazon.

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