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Teachers of content areas may notice that the students who struggle the most in their classes are the ones with poor reading skills. You don’t have to become a reading teacher to give your needy students a few reading strategies which will boost their confidence and ability to engage the material. Our text, How to Teach Reading When You’re Not a Reading Teacher by Sharon Faber, has an extensive list of easy-to-use strategies which many teachers use already like graphic organizers, think alouds, and column notes.  This course is applicable to all content areas and levels, K-12 as well as early college. You will be amazed how easy it is to use a few tips your students can easily work with to improve their reading comprehension. Text about $5 from Amazon.


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Text: How to Teach Reading: When You're Not a Reading Teacher by Dr. Sharon Faber, (2006) is approximately $4 on Amazon.

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