Language Arts

WRITING & READING WORKSHOP: Engaging the Adolescent

Course No. ED461X, ED561X

We know student choice in reading materials and writing topics increases lifelong literacy, but how can one teacher manage it all?  Using Nancie Atwell’s third edition of her popular text In the Middle (wit 80% new material), we’ll explore details and procedures for organizing, launching, and maintaining successful writing and reading workshops.  With hundreds of mini-lessons, mentor texts, techniques for teaching multiple genres and for conferring with students on their reading and writing, Atwell’s new edition “is everything I’ve learned over the past three decades that makes writing-reading workshop the only logical way to teach English.”  Author and creativity coach Deb Lund (who began teaching writing/reading workshops a few years before Nancie) is excited to be your guided and invisible teaching partner in this writing intensive, transformational course.

Appropriate for teachers grades 4-12.   The Atwell text is about $50.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

1.  Articulated the reasons for and benefits of teaching writing and reading in classroom workshop settings.
2.  Developed procedures, activities, and expectations for reading and writing workshops.
3.  Acquired techniques for respectfully conferring with students about their reading and writing.
4.  Designed lessons to address writing topic development, genre features, and techniques of craft, conventions, and spelling.
5.  Designed lessons to address procedures, craft, conventions, and spelling.

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