I'd like to thank Mary Ann Johnson for all the constructive instruction and suggestions she has provided for me with this course. As an effective and professional educator, Ms Johnson has made my learning truly valuable and enjoyable. Much appreciated!

~Guoli Thorpe

This course went much further than I had thought it would. There were a few self-analyses that were hard to do, but insightful. The breadth and depth of what I learned surpassed my expectations. I see teaching in a new light, and will keep working at reaching every student as best I can. Mary Ann Johnson is a wonderful instructor of the highest ability. I am so glad I get her tutelage. Her positive comments are a pleasure to read.


I think character education is a necessity at every grade level. Using Dr. Seuss books to engage students is a great idea, and I now have ready-made lessons.


My instructor was excellent. Her encouragement was crucial in my enjoyment and learning in this course. Her written comments on my work were cogent, insightful, based in real-life experience as an educator. I am looking forward to taking another class with Brenda McKinney.


My instructor was Eva Varga. She was a great teacher. Her responses were professional and timely. Even though online classes can be impersonal Eva’s responses were interactive and made me feel as though we had met in real life. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to take an online class.

~Patrick S.

I really enjoyed this course, in large part due to my instructor, Mary Ann Johnson. I was unsure of myself but her positive feedback gave me the confidence to do quality work.

~Laurel H.

Ann Amberg is an excellent choice for facilitating this course. She was responsive to my inquiries, very positive about the objectives of the course, and very insightful with her comments. I enjoyed the WWW course very much and learned lots from my experiences. Thank you!

~Maureen C.

Thanks Brian Long. I appreciated your speediness, positive tone, and engaging questions.

~Marla Quesnell

I learned relevant, valuable information that I am able to apply to my classroom situation immediately. Whenever I contacted the instructor, she was prompt and very helpful in her response.This course stretched my thinking, prepared me for a new grade level and piqued my interest for new avenues of study within my present teaching situation. Thank you!

~Cindy Gold

Ann Amberg was particularly patient and helpful in answering my frequent e-mails and questions. The World We Want design also made me very grateful as I received credit for lots of extra time I put in at school. Life doesn't always work out that way, and I thank you!

~Susan Knell

I really appreciate how Sherry Bozorth outlines her course and leads her students through progressive learning experiences in the design of the course. I enjoyed the course very much and have tools to usewith students and to pass on to others.

~Barbara Malizia

Excellent prompt communication from instructor, with very clear expectations if I needed to change an assignment. I am very impressed at how much history I got out of this class through studying musicals. I also have a renewed joy in watching musicals, and now watch them from a historical perspective.

~Dawn Hashley

My instructor, Sherry Bozworth, returned my emails within hours, usually minutes. Her responses were helpful and always answered whatever questions I had. Her class offered specific and applicable advice, knowledge and insight into ways I can improve as a teacher and make my lessons more relative for my students.


Julie Bora, the instructor for Teach Like A Champion, responded to my assignments in an informative and supportive manner. She made my online course experience delightful and increased my knowledge of how to incorporate useful skills for classroom management. Thank You!!

~Denise Ackerman

This course was outstanding. Practical, useful information I can implement right away. The instructor was helpful, and the assignments she has designed are not just mere "busy work". They helped me refine my teaching, and really made me think about my classroom!

~Shannon May

Mr. Boll's design of the course content is excellent! The resources and support he provided were all very helpful and immediate. I felt a high level of respect from Mr. Boll and his responses were instumental to my learning and success. I am very grateful for the knowledge and the experience. Thank you!

~Jacqueline Pina

This is my second class with Michael Boll. He does a great job and I was happy to see another course available from him. I was also glad for the ability to collaborate with another colleague for this video production course. It was an intensive course and doing it with a peer made the work load more fun and fit with the theme of the class. Videos are meant to be collaborative and we'll expect our students to be able to create together because of limited time, space, and technology. I really enjoyed this class and the things I learned and created from it.

~Kelly Ioane

This is the second course I took form Michael Boll. He is professional and friendly. His instruction is clear and his comments are very helpful. I have taken courses from Heritage over the years and have always had positive experiences. Thank you, Dan


As always Mr. Boll was phenomenal! He was supportive and helpful in our collaborative effort. I would love to take more courses from him!

~Wade Murray

This is my third class from HOL and every one I take I am the better for it. I still use things from each of those classes (one I took over 6 years ago) regularly in my classroom. Thank you for creating and providing classes that can be taken while working full time, are highly educational, and have excellent professors. -Britta

~Britta Hubbard

Mike Sedler was a fantastic instructor. His feedback was timely and genuine. Readings were solid and good. I appreciated the variety of articles, handouts, and flexibility with course texts, so I could choose one that I felt would meet my needs best, at the level I teach. I would definitely take another of his courses again!

~Kirsten Morgan

This course exceeded my expectations. The instructor, book, and writing prompts increased my knowledge and strategies extremely well and were wonderfully practical as well as interesting, and I've been a teacher over 30 years!

~Dee Hammons

I can honestly say that - before this course - I had never had a learning experience impact my career as much as this.


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