EDUCATION: Techniques for Coping with The New Normal (This course is now closed)

Course No. ED473l, ED573l

(This course is now closed.  We are no longer accepting registrations)

The pandemic has had a significant impact on our educational structure, going from a brick-and-mortar classroom to teach with a drive toward digitization through creating virtual classrooms. Educators were required to adopt a new educational model of teaching and adapt to it quickly, thus creating a new normal, a combination of virtual, hybrid, and brick-and-mortar classrooms. In this exciting course, you will learn from experienced teachers who have developed techniques for coping with the new normal.  Participants will attend the live virtual sessions from the course Teaching Tips: For Educators on The Front Line (Spring 2021) or view the recorded session along with completing the assignments in this course.

This course is appropriate for teachers K-12.

Course dates and times:
April 5th – 16th, 2021
One Hour Session each weekday (Monday – Friday)
5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (PST)

Topics covered are:

  • Building & Testing Cars with Early Elementary School Kids.  By Alice Baggett.
  • Five Steps to Making Your Video and Zoom Presence Awesome.  By Michael Boll.
  • The Disengaged: Rebooting the Idling Brain.  By Ann DeChenne.
  • Cyber Safety in Online Learning.  By Dr. Patricia Dickenson.   
  • Easy Online Tools to Transform Math Classes: Delta Math & Padlet.  By Aleta Doss.
  • Engagement, Formative Assessments, Student Buy-In.  By Julie Frederick.
  • Discovering the Art & Nature Interface.  By Eva Varga.
  • Tips & Tools for Engaging Students. By Brenda McKinney.
  • Finding Hope in the Time of Pandemic.  By Dario Mobini.
  • Social Emotional Learning and the Distance Learning Child. By Lena Wheeling.

This series will support educators in both in-person and remote teaching of their students. This is a hybrid program combining live video sessions within an online course.

Note: Students missing a live presentation may view the recorded version in their online course space within 24 hours of the zoom meeting.


  • Registrants for this course, ED473l, Education: Techniques for Coping with The New Normal, may not register for the 1 quarter credit or 10 hour course, TEACHING TIPS: For Educators on The Front Line (Spring 2021) due to the overlap in content between both offerings.
  • Registrants for the alternate 1 quarter credit course may not register for the 3 quarter credit course, ED473l, Education: Techniques for Coping with The New Normal, due to the overlap in content between both offerings.

Download this important document containing:

  • Session Dates and Times
  • Presenters 
  • Presentation Descriptions
  • Participation
  • Presenter bio's
We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Reviewed ways to optimize remote learning with students.
  • Engaged in a variety of activities, games puzzles, and journaling to stimulate student learning and engagement.
  • Learned the benefits of teacher and student collaboration.
  • Learned strategies which are most effective for disengaged students.
  • Learned teaching strategies for online student safety.
  • Learned how to access some easy online learning tools for math.

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