SUGAR HIGH: Glycemic Index & Better Choices

Health, PE & Coaching

We’ve all heard the comment: "If you are fat, it's because you eat too much and you don't exercise enough" and yet for over 50 years low calorie diets and more exercise have not managed to curb obesity levels. Why? In this course for K-12 educators you finally will uncover the secret everyone wants to know, the real cause of weight gain. Improve student focus and learning, improve your own teaching, by integrating essential questions about nutrition into your rhythm and flow.  Maintaining optimal weight does not mean eating less and exercising more, but eating better, in the lunchroom and at home.


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Text, Glycemic Index Diet for Weight Loss by Michel Montignac. 2010. ISBN 978-2-35934-037-2 available from for approximately $1.99 used plus shipping.

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Course No. PE404h, PE504h

Tuition $120 ‑ $210

Quarter Credits 3

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