Teaching Wellness


July 15-17, 2020

Menucha Retreat Center

Personal and professional stresses can cause us to lose our “true north.” That inner heart center where we feel like our true selves and engage life with passion and confidence. Come and recover your inner compass back home to an inspired, hopeful you with the tools to maintain after your retreat. In our three days at the lovely Menucha Retreat and Conference Center, we will:

  • Affirm and recognize where your true north is, the heart center of relatedness, love, wisdom, truth and courage.
  • Understand how to balance your essential, vital self with your social self. 
  • Explore how to counter the negative tapes that too often run in the mind. 
  • Practice deep breathing, mindfulness and self-reflection to reset in stressful situations.
  • Use journal keeping to deepen our reflection and recover our inner compass.
  • Explore the role of vulnerability and truth-telling in achieving inner freedom.
  • Practice gratefulness and loving kindness to warm the heart and counter feelings of in adequacy and insufficiency
  • Reflect on how to take learning from the retreat back to our personal and professional lives. 

In addition to the many connections you’ll make with like-minded educator, you’ll be in a partnership with another participant for support, both during and after the retreat. This retreat is appropriate for educators at all levels, school counselors and psychologists as well as administrators. This retreat will be facilitated by experienced Heritage Institute instructors Mike Seymour and Brenda McKinney.


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