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This self-guided distance learning course is designed to give you practical experience in Oregon coast history. This course, Exploring Northern Oregon Coast History, balances exploration and application to help well-equip K-12 teachers, while at the same time allowing a much needed relaxing fun vacation with their families and/or friends.

You will set your own pace as you visit predetermined locations throughout the northern region of the Oregon coast. An extensive study guide will assist you with step-by step instructions while traveling. Additional course requirements include research papers, activities, and lesson plans for the classroom.

After completing this course, you will come away with a greater understanding of and appreciation for the great history of Oregon State.

$25 for the purchase of the study guide tour is payable to the instructor after registration.

Dan & Joan Bushnell are the instructors for this course.


We advise you to review and download a summary of the course syllabus before registering. Summary

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Course material is $25 purchased at the point of registration from the instructor.

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