Course No. ED457S, ED557S

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This course incorporates Observational Drawing Skills (ODS) based on drawing and design principles that guide participants through the process of creating successful, realistic looking, still life drawings.

As part of this course, Teacher-Artists will develop, support or advance their ODS through an extensive video course “Introduction To Advanced Observational Drawing.”  Please note that there is an extra cost of $100 to gain access to these (30) online teaching videos - constituting approximately 5 hours of step-by-step ODS content.


The lessons are open to all ability levels, from emerging to advance drawing skills. Lessons are broken down into a series of small concepts that build upon each other so that participants can practice each concept before incorporating it into their overarching still life project.


From hands on practice projects, exemplars and skill building, lesson plans will be developed for implementation for any studio and/or classroom setting. Participants will increase their visual literacy by learning to enhance and develop ODS techniques for finding accurate line angles, evaluating nuanced values, observing proportions, identifying plane and light breaks, and evaluating the design strength of a still life setup.        


This course is for those who want to transform any visual impressions from observation, establish an ongoing foundational skill set to transform images directly to drawing paper to achieve a realistic drawing. Bonus footage content is available at the end of many lessons for teachers/artist who wish to implement this material into any K-12 classrooms.


Course text: Speed, H. (1972) The Practice & Science of Drawing: Third Edition. Dover Publications, Inc. New York. Amazon $10.95: used $5.90. Kindle download $.99

Note: Please review course syllabus for additional materials fees associated with course.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. A theoretical pedagogical foundation that supports the development of observational drawing skills (ODS).
  2. Enhanced knowledge and understanding of the use and applications of ODS.
  3. Developed curriculum guides, lessons and a referral resource list that supports ODS.
  4. Developed Exemplars for use with classroom curriculum and/or studio portfolio.

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