Counseling & Special Ed


Course No. SS406M, SS506M

Anger management strategies have become an important topic in schools, businesses, homes and communities. Our society is inundated with classes, books and counseling programs to explain various ways to “manage anger.” Despite our best attempts, aggression and violence is still on the rise. We regularly hear and read from various media sources how dangerous our society has become, especially from our youth population. This class will focus on developing new ways of handling violence without getting involved in the typical power struggles. During this course, each person will learn specific strategies and practical ideas to aid in the reduction of school violence. Programs for violence reduction will be presented along with key intervention ideas for developing a civil climate within each school.
Included in this approach will be an emphasis on safety for students and educators. This course is not attempting to be a “cure all” or “fix it” approach, but will aid educators in their ability to develop a safer environment in a school and community. In addition, it will help each person feel more qualified and capable of handling emerging violent behavior.


We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1.      Identified factors contributing to violent behaviors.
  2.      Developed strategies to address violence at school and in community.
  3.      Effectively intervened to provide safety and minimized violent actions.
  4.      Developed a school violence assessment featuring specific intervention strategies.
  5.      Assessed the climate of their classroom and school and made necessary adjustments to increase
  6.      safety.
  7.      Addressed preventative methods within the school system for students.
  8.      Written out an action plan for school safety.

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