HISTORY OF AMERICAN SPORTS: Film, Literature & Classroom Resources

History & Social Studies

This interactive, kid-friendly approach to American sports will motivate teachers and students of all ages to explore the development of sports in American History.  Teachers and students will explore American sports through hands-on activities, websites, biographies, documentaries, films, and artifacts to provide a more complete understanding of its historical role. This course is open to all K-12 teachers. and all literature, video, websites and classroom resource ideas will meet state standards.
History of American Sports: Film, Literature, and Classroom Resources gives teachers and students a compelling grasp of the historical evolution of American sports from 1845 to the present. This course provides students with insights that will allow them to develop new perspectives on American History by examining sport as a social and cultural phenomenon, generating a better understanding of current sports, and considering future developments in sport in American life.
Teachers will examine and learn how women, minorities, ethnic and religious groups, and historical events have influenced the U.S. sporting culture.  We will look at some of the greatest athletes (including Babe Ruth, Jack Johnson, Babe Didrikson, Jim Thorpe, Seabiscuit, Jackie Robinson, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan, etc,) and many of the legendary teams (such as Knute Rockne's Notre Dame championship teams, The New York Yankees of the 1930s and 1950s, the 1980 Olympic Men's Hockey Team, the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era, etc ), as well as lesser known examples.


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