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There is currently an increased emphasis on relevant and rigorous curriculum, using technology in and out of the classroom, differentiating and supplementing instruction and using open education resources. It is important, therefore, to review and evaluate the variety and effectiveness of on-line tutorials and open education resources in the area of math.  In this course, secondary and elementary math teachers will look at Khan Academy from the perspective of both students and teachers. You will also find and evaluate other on-line math tutorial programs. The course will allow you to find relevant open education resources that can supplement any math curriculum. Teachers who desire 400 or 500 level credit, will use these resources to create several units of study that can be individualized or adapted for the classroom. For the 500 level, teachers will also be asked to present your findings to parents, faculty and/or administrators.   Text is not required.  All readings are online.


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All readings are online

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Course No. MA400r, MA500r

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

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