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Every early childhood classroom has challenging students. Learn new and easy strategies for managing preschool students who present challenges such as power struggles, anger, disrupting, bullying, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and autism.   Create a positive, supportive, and healthy learning environment for your early learners through the use of many simple, applicable techniques: Talking Without Sound, Tattle Sandwich, Turtle Time, Calming Bag, Small Circles, Peace Chains, and many more.  Explore the use of bibliotherapy and how it can support and promote the diversity of disabilities and many other types of differences within a classroom. Teach your students how to problem solve, handle their emotions appropriately, and replace negative behaviors with positive ones. 

This course is appropriate for teachers of grades pre-K-6. 



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Course No. ED461A, ED561A

Tuition $180 ‑ $265

Quarter Credits 3

As a teacher do you ever feel overwhelmed? Burned-out? Do you feel as if you can’t get through to some students? That you lack administrative support? That you cannot connect with some parents? That you can’t get away from negativity when you go to the lunchroom or pass certain teachers in the hallway? That you lack important resources for yourself or your students? Perhaps you just can’t break out of your own rut.

When Teaching Gets Tough offers practical strategies teachers can use to make things better right away. The text offers specific and distinct examples and strategies for addressing a plethora of difficult situations, as well providing as reflective opportunities and specific sections designed for administrators. The supplemental readings offer even more ideas and opportunities for exploring solutions. Once the course is completed, teachers will feel back on top of their game, re-energized, and know that they are making a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their students.

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